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Saint Jude Childrens Cancer Research CENTER 

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St Jude Childrens cancer Research Centre

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          CALLING ALL JEEPS      

Get Out of the House

Make Friends - See The Country - Support St Jude

All Jeep Models Welcome

 200 Stops Across the USA 

Goal  - 10,000 JEEPS

 This is an organically growing event that will bring people together and to get out and see country   You can drive much or as little as you like, or just show up at a meeting place.     

The drive will be non-hurried with a goal of diving about 100 miles in 2-3 hours. 

 Local volunteers will lead the pack on on a sightseeing adventure exploring America.   

The ride is free.  Donate to Saint Jude Children Cancer Research Center Directly on the home page. 

   Ways to Help 

1. Join The Ride 
2. Be a Convoy Pack Leader  
3. Suggest a Meeting point (i.e scenic view, attraction, jeep dealer, cool restaurant)
4. Share with your friends
5. Make a donation to St Jude on HOME PAGE
6. Recommend Sponsors 

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Contact Us
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Robby Love



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