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Saint Jude Childrens Cancer Research CENTER 

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Jeep Tee

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Come join us as we take off on an epic cross-country driving journey.

This is your opportunity to get out and explore America, drive and be part

of an unforgettable adventure.

We'll set off with the goal of driving approximately 100 miles in

two or three hours. Whether you want to drive just a few miles or the full ride,

It is Free to join in. We will meet at a designated starting location

and hit the road together.

Our friendly team of local volunteers will be leading the pack and

providing a backroad route to the next destination. It'll be a wonderful journey

of sightseeing, taking in stunning landscapes, and uncovering hidden gems

in the great USA  

Come join us and share the ride - it'll be an adventure like no other.  




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Robby Love



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